Sunday, August 18, 2019

ACI Auto Sports

  Marissa Ward

Dedicated, oh so strong, fighting the odds, focused …. earned every inch on the track and off. Marissa Ward pilots Class & Track Championship winning Karts in an almost male-only sport and WINS. 

From age 8, she amassed multiple wins in ‘plate’ classes to age 14 and the Atoka Track Championship.

At 15, while fighting for a second Track Championship, July 1, 2012 came.  An auto accident very nearly took her life; her beloved racing “crashed”, stopped.  God touched this child, healed her, guided her.  All the while, through that painful healing, she was so very determined to race again.

About 15 months out from the auto accident, the very bright orange #89 of Marissa Ward circled the high-banked dirt again.  Skills rusty, pain still evident, she drove, she cried, she drove, we cried, she raced.  She was living!

Fast forward about 12 months later, Marissa, The strongest person I will ever know, still races, still doing what her heart loves.

2015 is the first year of College for her.  Time will tell the path racing takes.  For now, she WINS, on the track and off.

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