Optera™ Series Panoramic IP Camera

Panoramic IP Camera

Optera™ Series Panoramic IP Camera
Featuring Seamless Stitching, Immersive Views, WDR, Low-Light Performance

With Optera’s Panomersive Experience, take in the whole panoramic scene while simultaneously drilling down into crisp detailed immersive views where you can pan, tilt, and zoom into areas of interest. Optera optimizes the images from each of the four sensors and then seamlessly stitches and blends them at the boundaries to present you with a natural, continuous panorama. No more worries about poor alignment between sensors, having to manually sequence images, or gaps in information. Thanks to Anti-Bloom technology and proprietary image processing, SureVision 2.0 produces high-quality images in extreme low light without ever leaving wide dynamic range mode. Panoramas this smooth, video this clear, and technology this advanced must be experienced firsthand.

Watch THIS VIDEO for a comparison of cameras.

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