V-MAG Gate Controller

It’s the V-MAG Gate Operator System.

We can discuss this new technology and help you gain that edge of a more secure facility.

Info and Images all from the VMAG’S Website @ http://www.vmagtech.com/

The VMAG high speed gate operator uses linear induction to allow any standard sliding gate to be fitted with the VMAG high speed gate operator adapting kit and linear induction drive motor. Using this magnetic technology, the VMAG pushes the sliding gate at the highest speeds of any operator on the market. The VMAG high speed gate operator is designed to be fitted to any size gate, large or small.

It is designed to move a gate at 9.5 feet per second however VMAG has achieved higher speeds than this. Traditional sliding gate operators currently move most gates at 1-2 feet per second. Another unique factor of the VMAG high speed gate operator is the unit has no moving drive components and the only moving parts which produce any friction at all are the rollers which the sliding gate rests on.

This means that the VMAG is the lowest maintenance, highest speed operator available in the world.

A Quantum Leap in Gate operator Technology!

Designed for Homeland Security & Critical Infrastructure

Product Synopsis: The patented design utilizes proven linear induction technology, with advanced magnetic operators, to open and close security gates at speeds up to 8 feet per second. This compared with existing “high speed” gate operators yielding only 3 to 4 feet per second.

Clean magnetic technology is also “green” and uses no moving parts, providing superior performance and reliability, without environmental consequences.

VMAG is compatible with all existing access control devices and can be specified for new construction or easily retro-fitted to accommodate existing gates.

Watch this controller in action HERE